Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers. We want your experience with us to be awesome! Here are some questions new partners commonly have for us:

There is no cost to be a partner, however, partners are required to have at least one active website project with us at all times to maintain partnership benefits.

Outsourced Web Designs develops all projects in Word Press. Why Word Press? Because it’s the world’s most actively used website content management system and everyone is comfortable with the idea that Word Press is a great platform to build websites on. 

The answer is maybe. Our first question will be why can’t we develop your clients idea in Word Press? With thousands of free and low cost plugins to extend functionality there is not much it can’t do. We have a highly talented development team capable of almost anything.  Outsourced Web Designs does not take on complex programming projects. It’s just not our thing and we’re not built to work with complex scopes of work. We stick to what we are awesome at and that is Word Press. We always recommend running ideas by your Partner Coach to see what the best way is to handle any off the wall client request. Frequently we help our clients avoid diving down rabbit holes that are unlikely to generate easy long term returns. 

No. All services are month to month and there is no long term commitment.

Our Partner Coaches are like account managers on steroids. They exist to help you sell more, solve problems, and make it even easier to manage all of your ongoing projects. Our Partner Coaching program is hands on and there to make you look good to your clients. They are capable of helping in every aspect from technical assistance to helping you close the deal.

With our help and hands on Partner Program we make it easy! During on boarding we’ll introduce you to your Partner Coach who can help you with everything from where to find clients to selling your first website and how to deliver great service beyond the sale. Even if you have never sold a website before we can show you the ropes and make it easy to generate a new recurring monthly revenue stream.

Great question! One of our core beliefs is that recurring monthly profits from selling Websites as a Service is so powerful that we believe it is as good as investment grade passive income. Similar to rental properties, websites are capable of generating monthly income from “rent” or the service of providing and managing a website for a client. One big difference is that even a small real estate property may cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, put you in debt, and carry a high risk of a tenant not paying rent. We’ve designed a unique program where you can sell Websites as a Service through our Partner program, have no debt or mortgage, and when you follow our system for locking in an automated payment method from the client, the monthly income becomes even more reliable than a rent check. Our system for creating monthly recurring income from Websites as a Service is so powerful that even non-marketing and non-technology related entrepreneurs and investors work with us to achieve extra income and profits from their existing networks as a great way to invest their energy and achieve their income goals.

Many of our best partners were already selling websites before they found us. In some cases they were able to eliminate huge portions of their overhead by outsourcing everything to us for a flat fixed fee, saving them taxes, payroll, drama, and attitude. We are able to deliver higher quality results, faster response times, and higher profits leveraging our global network of resources and experienced Partner Coaches. Beyond operational efficiency and savings our more experienced partners benefit from our knowledge of industry best practices and an entire team that is always on 24/7/365, even when they are on vacation. For more information on bringing over existing clients and websites give us a call – it never costs anything to see how we can help.